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December 8, 2017

Christmas in Iceland, by Oscar Smith

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In Iceland children put their shoes on the windowsill and they get filled with little goodies by the ‘yuletide lads’! They are playful elves from the mountains who like to play little tricks on people. If you are naughty you might get a letter telling you to be good in your shoe, or a potato!

Some people go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve, this means some people go to church.

Christmas in Italy

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For my homework this week I have learned about Christmas in Italy.

In Italy Christmas starts in early December and lasts until the 6th of January.

The 6th of December is called St Nicholas day. Children write letters to St Nicholas asking for gifts. The children then sing a song or read a poem.

On Christmas Eve no food is eaten and this is called a fast day. The festive celebrations start after midnight mass and then Father Christmas brings presents for the children. In Italy Father Christmas is called Babbo Natale. The children aren’t allowed to open their presents until the 6th January which is called Epiphany.

I wish you Buon Natale which means Merry Christmas in Italian.


Christmas in Australia

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Christmas in Australia is celebrated when it’s early summer. They spend Christmas outdoors like on the beach. Their Christmas plants, which flower over the season include Christmas bells, Christmas bush and the Christmas orchid.

Many people do not have a traditional hot roast dinner. Instead they have cold turkey, ham, seafood and salads or a barbecue.

By Freya

Year 3 Homework

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Christmas in Kurdistan
You dress up usually in Christmas clothes and then have breakfast and then pray to God 2 times. Also they have two Christmas’s and then they go and celebrate together.

The end

Christmas wreath blogging

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First we got the polystyrene circle. Then cut out circles of felt in dark green and red. Next we folded the circles in half and then folded it again. After we pinned them on. Then we tied a green ribbon on the top to hang it somewhere. My wreath looked like a holly bush with red berries.


A poem about my wreath by Max

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My wreath is red and green

I will hang it for all to be seen

It looks like a poppy

with ribbon the colour of toffee

and encourages me to have a Christmas dream

by max ❤️😎

Wreath blog

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First get a polystyrene circle.

Then get some felt (I got orange).

Get some pins.

Cut circles out of the felt.

Fold the circles two times.

Stick the folded circles onto the polystyrene circle with a pin at the edge.

Do this lots of times until it looks like a wreath.



If you want you can put a bow on to the weath.




December 5, 2017

the mystery box

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Once I was walking through an Enchanted forest and I saw a random box that had patterns on.

But I didn’t know where it came so then I went closer to see it and next to it there was a magic key

so then I picked it up and there was this colourful stuff coming off it. Then I dropped the magic key

and tried again. So then I picked the magic key and I held it tight then pushed it in the box. Then the box

lid slammed open and enchanted fairies came out that were so happy to be free because they got locked

in the box by a ghostly demon this ended where all the fairies went back to there magical village.


by charlotte warren

Home Blogging Challenge, by Oscar

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One sunny morning I found a magic box in a huge, long cupboard in the attic, while I was looking around. In the box there were two things. . . One of them was a shiny key, the other was a teeny tiny egg, the egg was the most best thing because it was starting to hatch! Out popped a miniature scaly head , then two legs popped out. The key started to shine and wobble, out of the egg came a tiny little dragon and the dragon led me to a mini door that wasn’t there before. I picked up the key and opened the door, there was a massive, dark tunnel. I ran through it and saw a glint of light. At the end of the tunnel I saw a pirate ship, there were pirates in it. I felt nervous because they might capture me. One of the pirates came over and asked me my name, I whispered “My name is Oscar and I don’t want to hurt you.” Suddenly the pirate got me a rope and exclaimed “Hold on to this, me hearty!” So I did what I was told. I was swung off the ground into the pirate ship, called The Sea Wolf. The captain said “Ahoy there matey! Do you want to share our treasure with us?” I said excitedly, “Of course I would!” and they gave me an enormous bag of doubloons and a sharp cultlass.

Hera’s Box

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Once upon a time there were lots of gods and one of them was called Zeus and he gave someone called Hera a big box. It said do not open, she didn’t know why it said that but then she just opened it.

What do you think will happen?

She screamed so loud because lots of smoke and sadness came out of it so she shut it fast. A man called Hermes came and asked what had happened, she said a big bit of smoke and sadness just came out of the box. Hermes said don’t worry try again to show me. This time lots of happiness came out and she was surprised but then they both dug a hole in the ground and put the box in it. Then they were all safe and no one got hurt, then Zeus had to go to prison for giving her that box so no one else could get hurt.


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