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Home Blogging Challenge, by Oscar

Filed under: General News — oscarwren at 11:04 am on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

One sunny morning I found a magic box in a huge, long cupboard in the attic, while I was looking around. In the box there were two things. . . One of them was a shiny key, the other was a teeny tiny egg, the egg was the most best thing because it was starting to hatch! Out popped a miniature scaly head , then two legs popped out. The key started to shine and wobble, out of the egg came a tiny little dragon and the dragon led me to a mini door that wasn’t there before. I picked up the key and opened the door, there was a massive, dark tunnel. I ran through it and saw a glint of light. At the end of the tunnel I saw a pirate ship, there were pirates in it. I felt nervous because they might capture me. One of the pirates came over and asked me my name, I whispered “My name is Oscar and I don’t want to hurt you.” Suddenly the pirate got me a rope and exclaimed “Hold on to this, me hearty!” So I did what I was told. I was swung off the ground into the pirate ship, called The Sea Wolf. The captain said “Ahoy there matey! Do you want to share our treasure with us?” I said excitedly, “Of course I would!” and they gave me an enormous bag of doubloons and a sharp cultlass.


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