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September 22, 2017

Escape from Pompeii

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One sunny day Holly was looking down at the clean, shiny ground from above. Holly is an older girl who likes to song and dance and she has brown, curly hair and when the wind blows it tosses onto the wall behind her.  Holly has white, pale skin which is very smooth. She has green narrow eyes which shine in the bright sparkly moonlight. She has a thin, pointy nose. She has a huge, smiling mouth and white, shiny teeth.

By zara

Escape From Pompeii

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One sunny say Ruby and her friend Maya were playing in the beautiful, blue sea. Ruby is a seven year old girl with long, blonde, curly hair that blows in her face when the wind is strong. She has bright blue eyes and she always smiles. She has red lips with white shiny teeth. Ruby lives in a lovely village called Pompeii.

By Ruby

September 5, 2017


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